Hello my friends.  I know I’ve been in the air and on water lately but I’m so excited about my new toys.  I had to interrupt this announcement (well not this one, but the planes) to introduce my newest kid toys – big and small – kids that is.  These toys are great for those who believe they were born 100 years, maybe 1,000 years too late.  These are a great way to relive the prehistoric days, safely.

I stumbled across these fellows and they are so much fun. First is the Walking Triceratops Dinosaur.  The triceratops can move forward and backward in a lifelike manner and can open and close its mouth. The glowing head and lifelike sounds created by this triceratops will instill fear in everyone around you, well maybe the younger ones anyway. But I’ve always been a dino nut and these just convinced me – justifiably so, that that’s Okay. This one has no controller so it is simple for little kids to flip a switch and watch him do his thing.


Second I found the Infrared T-Rex.  Isn’t he everyone’s favorite dinosaur? He was the king of his day and can move forward and backward in a lifelike manner as well as open and close its mouth. The glowing eyes and lifelike sounds created by this dinosaur will instill fear in everyone around!  Maybe a slight exaggeration, but one likes to think so.


Last, in my dinosaur findings is the infrared Triceratops.  He can move forward and backward and opens and closes his mouth. The eyes glow and has life-like sounds.  Bonus, value the cats go crazy when these toys go into action.  I think these fellas will be a welcome part of anyone’s toy box (or shelf).    This one as well as T-Rex have simple controllers easy enough for a child to operate.



Last, perhaps not prehistoric but then again, who knows.  This is the cutest little quadcopter.  The Syma X1 Bee Gyro RC Quadcopter Toy.  The stability in flight and simplified professional 3D maneuvers includes flips, rolls, and more.  The latest 3-axis flight control system, with adjustable gyro sensitivity, permits a super stable flight.  Kinda sounds like a bee in flight.  Functions include up, down, turn left, turn right, forward, backward, and 360° turns.


At first I was afraid this was too “kid” oriented but aren’t we all kids after all?  I think I have a Peter Pan complex; unfortunately I did grow up but not out of childhood?  Well, have fun, until my next blog.  Happy RC’ing.



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This completes my list of RC Drones with camera. Quadcopters are the most exciting invention which is becoming well  known to many people. There are several reasons why many individuals enter into flying a drone with camera. In particular  concerning barrel rolls, high-speed maneuvers, and stunts. For others, it is pertaining to having a weekend pastime that will help them get-away for some hours. However, there are also the people that fly since they simply just like aerial photography. In case, you get into this classification, you have probably inquired your-self whatever the perfect camera drone is. With so much review sites out, it would be difficult to prefer which RC drones with cameras will definitely be worth its price. below we are going to highlight different RC drones with camera models that we feel are the best options for flyers passionate about aerial photography. In case compiling this quadcopter with camera reviews, we followed an exact list of requirements for considering which of them were the best:


6)Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon
The Typhoon Q500+ by Yuneec comes to RTF as among the top drones for sale with camera. Its HD camera can shoot 16 MP still pictures and 1080P footage at 60 frame rate, with a freshly designed lens which causes less still distortion. The quad also depends on an FPV stream to the 5.5-inch display on your transmitter. The Yuneec Q500+ is an effective remote control quadcopter with camera.

7)Syma X5C
The Syma X5C Quadcopter is a fantastic beginner model. Although, it is also  incredibly cost-effective.  Its two-megapixel camera is not HD resolution by any standards, it is actually a good  buy. The video is good. Keep in mind that a drone with a camera has to offer the superior stability. That is precisely what the Syma X5C offers. Because of its portability (about three ounces), it is not a stable flyer in strong winds. Nevertheless, whenever breeze conditions are smooth, beginners should not have any issues recording extremely good aerial video.



8)UDI U818A
The UDI 818A Quadcopter is a good entry-level drone.  You can record different aerial photography without the regular concern of damaging your model. In theory, UDI company markets that the U818A Drone offers high-definition resolution recording features.  That it is a far-fetched claim. Obviously, the camera resolution is okay. However, it is certainly not HD content. It is not the top RC drone with camera on this countdown, but it surely shows up pretty near. For its low selling cost, it is really a good way to have some practical experience with aerial photography.

9) Hubsan X4 H107D
The Hubsan X4 H107D model offers First-person view (FPV) capabilities as well as superior video quality. Therefore, it surely considered as one of the leading drones with camera for sale. The drone’s First-person view setup allows you to record aerial video without having to actually “watch” your drone. On its controller (transmitter), there is a colored LCD monitor which shows you, live, what its three-megapixel video camera is seeing. Priced below $100, it is absolutely among the affordable FPV models on the marketplace. Another extra advantage is its range, which can be around 100 meters ( 328 ft).

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Quadcopter drones are the recent craze in these modern times. But, if you are a very first time user then it could be hard for you to choose the best product. Drones also are well known by many brands just like the multi-rotor craft, mini-quads, quadcopter and others. Typically, they consist of four rotors but differ in their prices, sizes, and features. You might think that drones are simply used by film crews and paparazzi but never again. Nowadays, a drone that is suitable for novice may possibly cost $100 or less. On the other hand, a camera drone is available at a few hundred dollars. But if you want to own a more complex drone you can pay $1000 or more. These kinds of quadcopters are quite expensive because it includes a lot of functions.

1)DJI Phantom 3 Series
The DJI Phantom 3 Series is so far the best-selling drones with cameras available for sale that a novice aerial photographer user can purchase. The key reason why it is our most vital pick is mainly because it put together simple-to-use handles with expert-level camera resolution. As a result, even an absolute beginner shouldn’t have any trouble learning to fly it. It comes with each and every important advantage/feature that you simply should ever need or simply choose in a commercial quad: twenty-five minutes of flight duration, a “return home” function, FPV flying go through, an elegant style, and lots more. You can shoot fantastic first-class videos with this device.


2)YUNEEC Q500 4K Typhoon
the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon competes for DJI’s favorite Phantom series of quadcopters with cameras. Along with it is associated camera, the Typhoon Q500 records 4K footage in 1080P resolution and clicks 12 MP pictures. Also it includes only 2 automatic modes of flight (Follow Me and Watch Me). And the remote transmitter includes an integrated touch expose to adjust configurations and then see a real-time FPV stream from drone’s live camera. If you happen to be searching for a good quality product, hovering this one is an intelligent decision


3)DJI Phantom 4
DJI Phantom 4 DJI’s successful launch gets out the flagship of buyer drones. the modern day DJI Phantom 4 Drone is one among the most sophisticated quadcopters on the marketplace. It takes 12 MP stills, shoots 4K footage, as well as features a flight period of around twenty-eight minutes (highest in the DJI’s Phantom series). It has an obstacle dodge feature, and  forms five smart modes of flight – Course Lock, Point of Interest, Home Lock, and Follow Me. The cost of this Drone with HD camera happens to be diminished considerably since its launch.


4) Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition
The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 model is among the few commercial drones available that are controlled through a smart gadget. Some pilots do not like it (they opt for conventional remote control transmitters). However, manually, we do not have an issue with it.  As a result of its flexible and sturdy foam cover, even unpleasant impacts need not cause lots of difficulty. It consists of an excellent 720P HD camera. Therefore,  you are going to have high-quality aerial video anytime you take flight. Aerial video recorded by this flying machine is great.

5) Syma X8G
Syma X8G If you are searching for a mini quadcopter with camera to educate your aerial video and photography skill sets, the Syma X8G Quadcopter is a very high flying camera drone to start with. It is a cheap drone with camera that offers a fantastic list of functions. The on-board camera records 1080P and HD 720P footage, and it clicks eight megapixel still imagery. It also consist Intelligent Orientation Control system (IOC), and that means you get the selection of handling the device. It will reduce the training transition period and may make shooting accurate shots simpler. Overall, it really is the best mini drone with camera for aerial photographers and aspiring pilots.

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Welcome back to Dave’s RC Toys and More.  Up, Up, and away.  Yep still in the clouds or at least dreaming about it.  Getting a little warmer here but with warmer weather come the spring rains; I’m talking about seaplanes which are made for water but no joy in standing in the rain.   Anyway our first seaplane is the Deluxe Mini Cessna 182UP trainer which comes ready to fly (RTF) Upgrade Edition (well after you charge the battery).                                                The functions of automatic identification, precise code pairing, and strong anti-jamming, allows more than 20 aircraft to fly at the same field at same time.  Of course, I wouldn’t fly in a crowd if a beginner?  The plan also features full aerobatic characteristics; inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, and inverted flight.


Ground Take-Off can be performed easily due to the huge wing size (36”) and provides for excellent flight performance. These features and other make this R/C park flyer great for beginner or middle-level users.  Actually it is about the Best Beginner Scale RTF Plane you can find!!!  It is easy to control, super stable for the beginner. Slow speed flying capable, is another feature making this a great choice for the beginner.  Each charge provides approximately 15 minutes flight time.

Next up is also a Cessna, the CESSNA 185UP 2.4G 6CH RC Airplane (RTF) Upgrade Edition / Both Landing Gear and Float Ready!

This Cessna 185 with super scale design and outstanding stable flying capability is easy to assemble, with amazing aerobatic flights, made for both beginners and advanced pilots.  This model has a 59” wingspan and is approximately 44 ¾” in length.



And last on our blog of seaplanes is yet another Cessna; love these planes with their classy styling. The CESSNA 182ST RC Airplane (RTF) Upgrade Edition / Both Landing Gear and Float Ready

Both Landing Gear and Float Ready! This Cessna 182 is yet another great plane for “pilots in training” with super scale design and outstanding stable flying capability.  As with the other Cessna models this plane has an amazing aerobatic flight capability.  The 59” wingspan and the 47” length make for an impressive flying machine.  You’ll soon have friends and neighbors mingling around for the entertainment.


Until next time – this is Dave wishing you a warm dryish (need some rain for the garden and lawn) spring.

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Welcome back to Dave’s RC Toys Warmer weather is on the way so let’s get ready for some outdoor fun.  I’ve recently added some new toys, this time airplanes.  Hasn’t everyone wanted to fly at one time or another?  Both as a child imagining yourself as Superman or after putting away your cape you turned to the open skies.  I never did have the opportunity to learn to fly but with my new toys anyone can fly.

My first offering is the Champ RTF RC Trainer for those who have never flown before.  The Champ is small in size and lightweight; made from durable foam construction so you can fly with confidence in spaces as small as your backyard without having to worry too much about crash damage. And it’s so easy to control.

61hpwmadwjl-_sl1200___51428-1484945549-451-416Champ RTF RC Trainer come with everything you need to fly RC today, is completely assembled and flight-ready. The Champ has proportional 3 -channel control with working throttle, rudder and elevator.  The electric motor delivers quiet operation and impressive performance.  It is powered by a lithium-polymer battery for long flight times on a single charge.  It also has a steerable tail wheel for easier ground control.


Experienced flyers, or after mastering the Champ, you may be ready for the Multiplex Razzor RR “Receiver Ready” Airplane with 3S LiPo Battery.

322_1_razzor_web__84889-1484940416-1280-1280The Razzor is the latest in our line of compact, electric racing planes Built with Elapor foam and carbon-reinforced wings and tail. This lightweight aircraft maintains great, structural strength while zipping through the skies with incredible precision and maneuverability. Its large fuselage hatch allows handy access for easy maintenance while the removable wing provides compact trans-portability.  Don’t forget the additional items to fly this baby: 4-Channel Transmitter, 4 Channel Receiver, and Charger for LiPo Battery.  The plan has a 24.4” wing span, 23.4” overall length and advanced flight characteristics.

This next one is definitely for experienced flyers and for anyone who loves to race planes.  The Cessna 182 500 Class SC BLUE has too many features to include here but visit my website to get the full picture.

free-shipping-cessna-182-500-class-epo-1300mm-brushless-rtf-without-lipo-battery-rc-airplane-2127__66774-1488558439-1280-1280The Cessna 182 Super Class large scale is one of the most feature rich RC airplanes we carry! Our Super Class planes are built to last with durable EPO foam construction as well as realistic scale details.  The included brushless motor provides 50% more power than a standard speed 500 brushed motor. The Cessna is capable of reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour, yet it can fly as slow as 15-20 mph. The Tri-bladed propeller provides 25% more thrust than a standard 2 bladed prop. More prop thrust means better low and high speed maneuverability. Flaps enhances true scale realism and also lowers the overall flight speed for easier take-offs and landings!

This plane comes RTF (Ready to Fly) after an approximate 90 minute charge time.

Be the pilot you always wanted to be.


Thanks till we meet again.




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Over the past few decades, human beings have witnessed a lot of technological advancements and innovations which have made the world a lot more interesting. Kids have not been left out too as these changes in technologies have created better opportunities to enhance their creativity as well as make their childhood more fun and memorable.

Remote control toys have been created to suit the needs and taste of kids. Remote control toys are basically battery or gas-powered model toys that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter or remote. They are also called Radio controlled toys and even abbreviated RC toys. Some common RC toys include cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, drones as well as even military and alien space craft but these could all be topics of their own. Our focus for today is however on remote control cars. After all, they are the most common remote control toys. Now let’s go ahead to examine some of the advantages of buying remote control cars for kids

Child development

Remote control cars can help kids to learn and develop. This implies the cars are capable of enhancing creativity in kids since they are useful in helping hand eye coordination. With RC cars, most kids develop their own ideas to play and sooner than later, they start building ramps, race tracks and jumps. Even though they may make one or two mistakes initially, they end up learning by doing. More so, while playing with other children, the kids do not only learn how to swerve targets they can’t control but they also learn how to become great winners and losers.


Child Responsibility

Remote control cars just like real cars need to be properly taken care of and maintained. Although parents normally help their kids in maintaining these toys, these kids nonetheless pick up basic lessons and principles of being responsible. Thus they gradually learn how to take care of their RC cars and subsequently their other personal belongings.


Encourages outdoor activities

In these days of many indoor games such as scrabbles, plays stations and other video games, children rarely play open-air games. However with Remote control cars, children can opt to forgo watching TV and instead go outside to have fun. This also goes a long way to help in their development.


Social competence enhancer

Remote control cars encourage children to play in groups as they often work in teams while following instructions. While playing in the neighborhoods, kids can easily make new friends as well as gain attention. Also, with remote control cars, it takes very little time for new kids in the neighborhood to get acquainted with the others. This obviously helps in boosting their social skills of building friendships and other relationships.


Peer and family bonding

Remote control cars are actually fun as they vary in speed and power. Everyone can equally get in and share in the fun. It is possible for other kids in the playground to also get into the fun especially when they are honing.  Remote control cars also offer opportunities for siblings and families to bond whether or not they are racing in a parking lot or in the living room.




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Hello blog buddies, made it through 1/12 of the year, yeah.  Anxious for spring not just because of the warmer weather but because I can get outside and play with my toys (yes, yes, I’ll still have yard work but).  Anyway, I will be featuring several new additions to my website over the coming weeks but today I want to focus on my newest line Construction Equipment.  Always wanted to be a heavy equipment operator – nah, not really but now that they are my size I can’t wait to get outdoors and dig up a few things

First in my line up is the HUI NA TOYS NO. 1540 2.4G 6CH Alloy Dump Truck.


This is a fully operational radio remote control dump truck toy. The truck is made from high quality and reliable materials.  The vehicle can go forward, backward, turn left and right and the bed can raised and lowered. Simulated design gives a real operator’s experience. It is a perfect gift for children and anyone who wants to experience what it is like to be a construction driver. Strong frequency signal provides great anti-interference. The truck is built using high quality Eco-friendly non-toxic material.

But what is a great dump truck without: HUI NA TOYS 2.4GHz 15CH Engineering Electric Excavator?


Can’t (or at least wouldn’t want to) load the material by hand.  The unit has a 2.4GHz controller with strong anti-interference.  It is suitable for indoor and outdoor play but how many sand piles do you have in the house? The unit moves forward, backward, left and right allowing real simulation excavation. High simulated sound and light, programming. Each joint of the arm can be independently controlled.  The unit is made using high quality Eco-friendly non-toxic material. This would be a great way to exercise the kid’s coordination ability with hands, eyes and brain.   Who would have thought such fun could also be functional?

And last (at least for this blog) but not least we can’t forget those great trucks, and truckers, that keep us supplied in a wide variety of goods.  RUICHUANG QY1101 1/32 2.4G Electric Mercedes Benz Container Heavy Truck

rm5885r-1-3150-4kukMercedes Benz (authorization) we have permission to use their name. Life like simulation allows for moving forward, reverse, left and right turns. The controller is a 2.4GHz wireless radio frequency. And great news, it even sounds real with high simulation start-up, forward, reverse and steering sound.  This unit is 1/32 scale, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  What kid doesn’t want to the a truck driver?

Needless to say, I’m really excited about this new line. Until next time keep trucking or flying or whatever RC toy gets you excited.





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Hi, there RC friends.  Boy there is no such thing as putting up the summer clothes and getting out the winter clothes in Missouri.  It was 70° here last Monday then 27° high the next day, just have to layer up so you can peel down?

Anyway in attempting to keep my New Year’s resolution I have added a few new items to my site since our last visit.

One of my new products that excites me most is the Walkera F210 3D Edition BNF Wall Racing Drone This drone comes in sporty colors of black, orange, and blue-definitely not for the beginner. As noted in my previous blog this is one of my items not recommended for those under the age of 14.

The drone is designed with quality brushless motors and a guard landing cushion frame that allows the F210 to take a beating. Testing on this drone includes drop, crash, bend resistance, high and low temperature, humidity test as well as others.  The F210 can really roll with the punches.

Modern industrial and modular design improves the product performance and permits easy maintenance and upgrades. The F210 3D edition employs a modern flight control system for acrobatic flight routines such as roll, flip and race moves.

Advanced 5.8G live video and OSD system, for a unforgettable visual FPV (*see explanation below) experience 700TVL HD camera adopts night vision camera lens which has a large view, the framing angle is up to 120 ° Sensors can automatically adjust to the brightness of light and in dark places, the chip can easily switch to infrared surveillance mode to ensure constant video clarity. This allows you to fly the racer day or night.

So while dreaming of those warm spring days and getting out with the kiddos keep this little fellow in mind.

*FPV stands for “First Person View” which means a video camera is mounted on the vehicle and broadcasts the live video to the pilot on the ground.  Therefore, the pilot is flying the aircraft as if he/she is onboard the aircraft instead of looking at the craft from the pilot’s actual ground position. FPV allows you to fly much higher and further than you can from looking at the aircraft from the ground.  FPV control allows for more precise flying around obstacles especially with vehicles like quadcopters which can easily fly indoors and through forests via FPV where you wouldn’t be able to see obstacles from a fixed position.

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Welcome to 2017 at Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  While I don’t normally make New Year’s Eve resolutions; usually a sure sign of failure, it is my intent to continue to upgrade my website and increase the number of products offered and price range.

I have received questions on the age limit for each type of drone/rc toy; however, it is difficult to clearly identify.  Most of the aerial drones, helicopters, etc. carried on my site are designed for those 14 years of age or older but if your child is an expert gamer and has great dexterity he may be ready for an aerial drone.  I also recommend any purchase for a child under 14 be carefully supervised until they are proficient with their drone.  Further, I would encourage purchase of RC Toys such as cars, trucks, tanks, etc. which remain on the ground to get children, especially those under the age of 14, used to the transmitter/controller; even these can be a challenge based on the speed and maneuverability of the toy.

It is my goal to provide quality toys in a variety of prices so all can enjoy this activity.  Due to the variety, it is important to read through all the specifications.  Some manufacturers vary what is included in each package. Nothing can be more disappointing than to open a present only to find batteries or chargers were not included.  I have made every effort to highlight in red on my website products that require additional purchases.

Watch my blog for additional information on RC Toys and for new listings.

Best wishes for a great 2017!

Dave of Dave’s RCToys

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Hi, this is Dave. I’ve been a fan of RC toys for many years and in looking for a way to work from home I thought why not start an on-line RC toy website.   When I first became interested in RC toys the types available were limited mostly to cars and they needed smooth, fairly level driving surfaces.  But boy have they come a long way. Today you can choose from cars, trucks, tanks, boats, planes, helicopters, and the most recent rage drones. Each requires a certain skill set and patience to become proficient; but each provides a sense of exhilaration once you have mastered your RC toy!


I started experimenting with small, moderate cost vehicles in order to become familiar with how they work.  Controls on most can be sensitive and you can be several feet away before you realize your moving.  After becoming proficient with my first model I moved up to a larger, faster, 4-wheel drive truck which began a new learning experience with more sensitive controls – flipped that critter a few times but the new tougher design prevented any damage.

My favorite is the previously mentioned 4-wheel drive truck, my wife (and her sister) love their RC boats and our son has become proficient with his drone.


Drone, that’s a whole different subject.  These are definitely sensitive and I would recommend a mini drone for your learning experience to limit monetary loss in case of a crash; and believe me you will crash, perhaps several times, before you become comfortable with flying the friendly sky mini-drones to commercial drones and many can accommodate cameras, which provide for some awesome aerial snapshots.  But please respect others privacy!


My site is designed to provide a wide variety of RC toys to choose from, including toys for beginners (kids or kids at heart) to experienced operators.  I also focus on quality construction to ensure an enjoyable experience no matter what level the purchase.  My goal is to provide fast, friendly service, free shipping and money back guarantee, within 30 days of purchase, if not completely satisfied.  Inquiries by email will be answered within 24 hours except on holidays.


So put down the remote control, Xbox, PS4 (or other devise that keeps you stationary) and get outdoors for some great family fun, with the kids, neighbors or friends.


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