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7 rc car toyI can always appreciate a little attention to style. I just like it when things look cooler. For example, my 1/5 scale RC buggy car is pretty neat. It’s something that boasts bright colors, like oranges, greens, pinks, and yellows. I definitely chose it mostly because it’s a really stylish car, and that reflects what I think as a whole is important.

If you don’t have style, people won’t look at you as much. Not to mention, people might even avoid you. It’s important to break away from the crowd and form your own style. You can’t be a sheep forever, and the person that stands out tends to get the most opportunities in life. That’s why I think having style is so important. Even RC car toys should be stylish and really say something about their owners.

So when it comes to my lifestyle, I make sure everything I wear looks nice. I also make sure that all of my belongings have some sort of stylishness to them. To me, it’s worth it. People want to be noticed, and I’m no different. So when I make my RC car zoom around the block, people will turn their heads and notice it.

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6 hobby rc planeIf you find life boring, it’s up to you to change it. I used to feel like I didn’t have any hobbies, so I wasn’t sure how to make my life more fun. Well, I decided to get into RC toys, because they had always intrigued me in the past. But before, I never mustered up enough energy to actually try it out. But this time, I got myself a neat RC plane for me to try.

The hobby RC plane I got is actually one based off a plane from World War II. It’s also a plane that was regarded as one of the most formidable fighter planes back then. Personally, I just really like the design. And now that I have my own RC plane, I’m proud to say I finally have a hobby I can do when I have some free time.

Honestly, I could’ve have picked a better hobby. I love the feeling of steering a plane around as I sit on a bench or lay out on the grass. It’s a very calming hobby, and I think I’ll be able to enjoy my free time a lot more now that I have this hobby RC plane.

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5 best quadcopter droneWhile some people might like their RC drones big and powerful, I’m actually fonder of the smaller ones that are easier to manage. I don’t like crashing my drones, and the smaller ones tend to be less bulky and don’t crash as much when I use them. They don’t bump into things like the bigger ones do, so they’re my preference.

Even so, while I think my small drone is the best quadcopter drone in my opinion, there are people out there that are better at flying drones than I am. They can handle the bigger ones, and they can handle the ones that can go at really fast speeds. So to them, I bet their favorite drones aren’t the small ones. They probably like the ones with the most power and speed.

Then there are other people that like drones that can take video footage as they fly. It’s always an adventure to watch a video from a drone. You can see what the drone saw, and make it feel like you’re flying through the air as you watch. Having something like a camera attached to a drone certainly makes it more fun. So when it comes to the best quadcopter drone, everyone has their own opinion.

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4 x4 quadcopter rc droneI think I’ve touched upon something truly unique. When I wanted to make movies, I wanted to use new techniques that would grab the audience right away. Basically, I wanted to film a movie that would be remembered, and to do that I needed a drone. I basically wanted to make a movie using a drone to help make scenes more interesting.

The movie I wanted to make was both romantic and packed full of action. To make everything more extreme, I used my x4 quadcopter RC drone to take a lot of footage. It was especially useful during the more action oriented scenes, since it made everything much more involved. I felt like I was in the scene with the actors. After I cut out anything that would indicate the drone was there, it made something really unique and interesting.

While I may not be the only one filming with my drone, I’ve used it to make a full-length film that I’m truly proud of. While not everything was shot with my drone’s camera, probably about a fourth of the movie was. It really helped bring my movie to life, and I’ve brought something noteworthy to move watchers around the globe.

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3 rc toy tankBeing the life of the party is easy when you bring some kind of RC toy with you. I’ve flown RC helicopters, played with RC cars, and shown off drones to get people’s attention. This time, I brought my RC tank along to show off. It’s really great that I brought it along too, because there are a lot of kids here that have super short attention spans and need to behave themselves.

When I play with my RC toy tanks, the kids at the gathering all focus on the toys instead of the atmosphere. They actually sit still and behave well when I show them what my tank is capable of. I can shoot out plastic pellets, have the tank spin around, and have it go over tough obstacles. It also produces a small cloud from the exhaust for a realistic effect.

People that watch my RC toys zoom around are always impressed. I even convinced one of the people at a gathering before to get one for their kid. It just helps promote good behavior, as children are focused on the RC toy instead of being curious and getting into trouble. I guess that’s just the magic of RC toys.

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2 rc flying toyI love it when the weather’s nice. I like going outside to enjoy it whenever I get the chance. The thing is, I really like playing around with my RC plane when it’s a clear and sunny day. Those are the best days for flying. I like flying my RC plane at the park, because there’s a lot of space there to do it. Not to mention, I often get a lot of admirers that like to watch.

I think RC flying toys are a special kind of toy. They really do inspire and amaze. I know people that are pilots now that started playing with RC planes. I also know of a helicopter pilot that had a helicopter RC toy at one point or another. They also help kids dream big. Children that see toys like this flying understand that flight is possible, and you can really fly to new heights when you dream big.

Playing around with RC flying toys keeps imaginations alive. I like making my plane zoom around in the air as I lay on the green lawn in the park. Kids like to stare at it in awe, and even adults find it fun to watch. I think playing around with RC toys is a great hobby and it should be explored by more people.

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1 rc controlled tankI’ve always been enamored by tanks, probably because I liked them as a kid. I had lots of cool tank toys that I’d use to defend my tiny toy soldier army. That was just something I really liked to do. I was definitely a G.I. Joe kid, and I loved watching the animated TV show. So now that I’m an adult, I’ve upgraded my toys to remote controlled ones.

My RC controlled tanks are something special. They look just like the real things, which is very impressive considering they’re 1/16th their actual size. They are very convincing models, that’s for sure. I’m sure they could be easily mistaken for real ones if filmed right. And when I play with my RC controlled tanks, they actually have sound effects too. They sound like they’re right out of an action movie or a military movie or something like that.

What’s also cool about my tanks is I can make them generate smoke, too. They have harmless turrets that work as well. I think it’s a really neat idea to take something absolutely huge and transform it into a small toy. My RC tanks really do have all the trimmings, and I’m really glad they do.

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