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Hi, there RC friends.  Boy there is no such thing as putting up the summer clothes and getting out the winter clothes in Missouri.  It was 70° here last Monday then 27° high the next day, just have to layer up so you can peel down?

Anyway in attempting to keep my New Year’s resolution I have added a few new items to my site since our last visit.

One of my new products that excites me most is the Walkera F210 3D Edition BNF Wall Racing Drone This drone comes in sporty colors of black, orange, and blue-definitely not for the beginner. As noted in my previous blog this is one of my items not recommended for those under the age of 14.

The drone is designed with quality brushless motors and a guard landing cushion frame that allows the F210 to take a beating. Testing on this drone includes drop, crash, bend resistance, high and low temperature, humidity test as well as others.  The F210 can really roll with the punches.

Modern industrial and modular design improves the product performance and permits easy maintenance and upgrades. The F210 3D edition employs a modern flight control system for acrobatic flight routines such as roll, flip and race moves.

Advanced 5.8G live video and OSD system, for a unforgettable visual FPV (*see explanation below) experience 700TVL HD camera adopts night vision camera lens which has a large view, the framing angle is up to 120 ° Sensors can automatically adjust to the brightness of light and in dark places, the chip can easily switch to infrared surveillance mode to ensure constant video clarity. This allows you to fly the racer day or night.

So while dreaming of those warm spring days and getting out with the kiddos keep this little fellow in mind.

*FPV stands for “First Person View” which means a video camera is mounted on the vehicle and broadcasts the live video to the pilot on the ground.  Therefore, the pilot is flying the aircraft as if he/she is onboard the aircraft instead of looking at the craft from the pilot’s actual ground position. FPV allows you to fly much higher and further than you can from looking at the aircraft from the ground.  FPV control allows for more precise flying around obstacles especially with vehicles like quadcopters which can easily fly indoors and through forests via FPV where you wouldn’t be able to see obstacles from a fixed position.

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Welcome to 2017 at Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  While I don’t normally make New Year’s Eve resolutions; usually a sure sign of failure, it is my intent to continue to upgrade my website and increase the number of products offered and price range.

I have received questions on the age limit for each type of drone/rc toy; however, it is difficult to clearly identify.  Most of the aerial drones, helicopters, etc. carried on my site are designed for those 14 years of age or older but if your child is an expert gamer and has great dexterity he may be ready for an aerial drone.  I also recommend any purchase for a child under 14 be carefully supervised until they are proficient with their drone.  Further, I would encourage purchase of RC Toys such as cars, trucks, tanks, etc. which remain on the ground to get children, especially those under the age of 14, used to the transmitter/controller; even these can be a challenge based on the speed and maneuverability of the toy.

It is my goal to provide quality toys in a variety of prices so all can enjoy this activity.  Due to the variety, it is important to read through all the specifications.  Some manufacturers vary what is included in each package. Nothing can be more disappointing than to open a present only to find batteries or chargers were not included.  I have made every effort to highlight in red on my website products that require additional purchases.

Watch my blog for additional information on RC Toys and for new listings.

Best wishes for a great 2017!

Dave of Dave’s RCToys

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