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Welcome back to Dave’s RC Toys Warmer weather is on the way so let’s get ready for some outdoor fun.  I’ve recently added some new toys, this time airplanes.  Hasn’t everyone wanted to fly at one time or another?  Both as a child imagining yourself as Superman or after putting away your cape you turned to the open skies.  I never did have the opportunity to learn to fly but with my new toys anyone can fly.

My first offering is the Champ RTF RC Trainer for those who have never flown before.  The Champ is small in size and lightweight; made from durable foam construction so you can fly with confidence in spaces as small as your backyard without having to worry too much about crash damage. And it’s so easy to control.

61hpwmadwjl-_sl1200___51428-1484945549-451-416Champ RTF RC Trainer come with everything you need to fly RC today, is completely assembled and flight-ready. The Champ has proportional 3 -channel control with working throttle, rudder and elevator.  The electric motor delivers quiet operation and impressive performance.  It is powered by a lithium-polymer battery for long flight times on a single charge.  It also has a steerable tail wheel for easier ground control.


Experienced flyers, or after mastering the Champ, you may be ready for the Multiplex Razzor RR “Receiver Ready” Airplane with 3S LiPo Battery.

322_1_razzor_web__84889-1484940416-1280-1280The Razzor is the latest in our line of compact, electric racing planes Built with Elapor foam and carbon-reinforced wings and tail. This lightweight aircraft maintains great, structural strength while zipping through the skies with incredible precision and maneuverability. Its large fuselage hatch allows handy access for easy maintenance while the removable wing provides compact trans-portability.  Don’t forget the additional items to fly this baby: 4-Channel Transmitter, 4 Channel Receiver, and Charger for LiPo Battery.  The plan has a 24.4” wing span, 23.4” overall length and advanced flight characteristics.

This next one is definitely for experienced flyers and for anyone who loves to race planes.  The Cessna 182 500 Class SC BLUE has too many features to include here but visit my website to get the full picture.

free-shipping-cessna-182-500-class-epo-1300mm-brushless-rtf-without-lipo-battery-rc-airplane-2127__66774-1488558439-1280-1280The Cessna 182 Super Class large scale is one of the most feature rich RC airplanes we carry! Our Super Class planes are built to last with durable EPO foam construction as well as realistic scale details.  The included brushless motor provides 50% more power than a standard speed 500 brushed motor. The Cessna is capable of reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour, yet it can fly as slow as 15-20 mph. The Tri-bladed propeller provides 25% more thrust than a standard 2 bladed prop. More prop thrust means better low and high speed maneuverability. Flaps enhances true scale realism and also lowers the overall flight speed for easier take-offs and landings!

This plane comes RTF (Ready to Fly) after an approximate 90 minute charge time.

Be the pilot you always wanted to be.


Thanks till we meet again.




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