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Welcome back to Dave’s RC Toys and More.  Up, Up, and away.  Yep still in the clouds or at least dreaming about it.  Getting a little warmer here but with warmer weather come the spring rains; I’m talking about seaplanes which are made for water but no joy in standing in the rain.   Anyway our first seaplane is the Deluxe Mini Cessna 182UP trainer which comes ready to fly (RTF) Upgrade Edition (well after you charge the battery).                                                The functions of automatic identification, precise code pairing, and strong anti-jamming, allows more than 20 aircraft to fly at the same field at same time.  Of course, I wouldn’t fly in a crowd if a beginner?  The plan also features full aerobatic characteristics; inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, and inverted flight.


Ground Take-Off can be performed easily due to the huge wing size (36”) and provides for excellent flight performance. These features and other make this R/C park flyer great for beginner or middle-level users.  Actually it is about the Best Beginner Scale RTF Plane you can find!!!  It is easy to control, super stable for the beginner. Slow speed flying capable, is another feature making this a great choice for the beginner.  Each charge provides approximately 15 minutes flight time.

Next up is also a Cessna, the CESSNA 185UP 2.4G 6CH RC Airplane (RTF) Upgrade Edition / Both Landing Gear and Float Ready!

This Cessna 185 with super scale design and outstanding stable flying capability is easy to assemble, with amazing aerobatic flights, made for both beginners and advanced pilots.  This model has a 59” wingspan and is approximately 44 ¾” in length.



And last on our blog of seaplanes is yet another Cessna; love these planes with their classy styling. The CESSNA 182ST RC Airplane (RTF) Upgrade Edition / Both Landing Gear and Float Ready

Both Landing Gear and Float Ready! This Cessna 182 is yet another great plane for “pilots in training” with super scale design and outstanding stable flying capability.  As with the other Cessna models this plane has an amazing aerobatic flight capability.  The 59” wingspan and the 47” length make for an impressive flying machine.  You’ll soon have friends and neighbors mingling around for the entertainment.


Until next time – this is Dave wishing you a warm dryish (need some rain for the garden and lawn) spring.

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Welcome back to Dave’s RC Toys Warmer weather is on the way so let’s get ready for some outdoor fun.  I’ve recently added some new toys, this time airplanes.  Hasn’t everyone wanted to fly at one time or another?  Both as a child imagining yourself as Superman or after putting away your cape you turned to the open skies.  I never did have the opportunity to learn to fly but with my new toys anyone can fly.

My first offering is the Champ RTF RC Trainer for those who have never flown before.  The Champ is small in size and lightweight; made from durable foam construction so you can fly with confidence in spaces as small as your backyard without having to worry too much about crash damage. And it’s so easy to control.

61hpwmadwjl-_sl1200___51428-1484945549-451-416Champ RTF RC Trainer come with everything you need to fly RC today, is completely assembled and flight-ready. The Champ has proportional 3 -channel control with working throttle, rudder and elevator.  The electric motor delivers quiet operation and impressive performance.  It is powered by a lithium-polymer battery for long flight times on a single charge.  It also has a steerable tail wheel for easier ground control.


Experienced flyers, or after mastering the Champ, you may be ready for the Multiplex Razzor RR “Receiver Ready” Airplane with 3S LiPo Battery.

322_1_razzor_web__84889-1484940416-1280-1280The Razzor is the latest in our line of compact, electric racing planes Built with Elapor foam and carbon-reinforced wings and tail. This lightweight aircraft maintains great, structural strength while zipping through the skies with incredible precision and maneuverability. Its large fuselage hatch allows handy access for easy maintenance while the removable wing provides compact trans-portability.  Don’t forget the additional items to fly this baby: 4-Channel Transmitter, 4 Channel Receiver, and Charger for LiPo Battery.  The plan has a 24.4” wing span, 23.4” overall length and advanced flight characteristics.

This next one is definitely for experienced flyers and for anyone who loves to race planes.  The Cessna 182 500 Class SC BLUE has too many features to include here but visit my website to get the full picture.

free-shipping-cessna-182-500-class-epo-1300mm-brushless-rtf-without-lipo-battery-rc-airplane-2127__66774-1488558439-1280-1280The Cessna 182 Super Class large scale is one of the most feature rich RC airplanes we carry! Our Super Class planes are built to last with durable EPO foam construction as well as realistic scale details.  The included brushless motor provides 50% more power than a standard speed 500 brushed motor. The Cessna is capable of reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour, yet it can fly as slow as 15-20 mph. The Tri-bladed propeller provides 25% more thrust than a standard 2 bladed prop. More prop thrust means better low and high speed maneuverability. Flaps enhances true scale realism and also lowers the overall flight speed for easier take-offs and landings!

This plane comes RTF (Ready to Fly) after an approximate 90 minute charge time.

Be the pilot you always wanted to be.


Thanks till we meet again.




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4-rc-airplane-toysThere are so many awesome toys out there that will really help you to unleash and to let out your inner pilot in all of his or her glory. You can find an RC toy that will let you do cool tricks in the air or one that will be just like flying a real plane and that will help you master taking off and landing and make you feel like a true pilot.

There is a lot of fun to be had with airplane toys and these RC toys are just what you need to be able to get some good relaxation in after work or to be able to have some fun at an outdoor event. The right RC plane will help you to have a ton of fun while you are learning flight principles and all that you can do while flying.

Good RC airplane toys are just what you need to be able to get some quality flying time in with just yourself or with some friends. It is always nice to be able to have some fun with a new RC toy and to learn more about flying each day. A good RC airplane toy will help you to master taking off, flying, and landing.

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stunt plane RCI love to play with RC stunt planes and to see all of the cool RC planes that are out there and what they can do. It’s great to be able to master a nice stunt plane and to learn how to do all kinds of tricks with it. I have my very own RC stunt plane and I enjoy getting better and better at flying it all the time. It is capable of so many amazing things.

I have always had an interest in planes and I think that it is amazing that an object can go up in the air and fly. I have some friends who are pilots and I even thought about becoming a pilot myself. Being able to fly my RC plane gives me a thrill that is unlike anything else that I have ever experienced. I feel like it is a real plane and like I am the pilot.

I like to fly RC planes because you can do things with it and not worry about anything getting damaged like with a real plane. RC stunt planes are my favorite kinds of RC planes because they can do everything from loop to rolls, inverted flight, spins, and stall turns. It’s awesome to see a cool RC stunt plane fly and I am always learning new stunts to do with mine.

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8 rc model planeHaving something that ties a family together is the key to keeping everyone close. I think what we do on the weekends really helps us stick together as a family. What we do is bring out our RC toys and get them flying and zooming around the place. We go to the local park and play with them together. It’s actually a really great hobby and activity.

As a family, we each have different RC toys. I have an RC model plane, which looks like a fighter jet. I really like the way it looks, as it looks so real. We also have a couple of RC cars, and we have an RC helicopter that’s kind of like a drone. So when we go out to the park, everyone can play with something at any given time. It makes spending time together totally worth it.

While we all work different jobs and have different schedules, my family comes together through the love of RC toys. I think it’s a magical thing to be able to feel so close, even when we’re far away. My RC model plane helps me stay involved and spend time with my family for the better.

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6 hobby rc planeIf you find life boring, it’s up to you to change it. I used to feel like I didn’t have any hobbies, so I wasn’t sure how to make my life more fun. Well, I decided to get into RC toys, because they had always intrigued me in the past. But before, I never mustered up enough energy to actually try it out. But this time, I got myself a neat RC plane for me to try.

The hobby RC plane I got is actually one based off a plane from World War II. It’s also a plane that was regarded as one of the most formidable fighter planes back then. Personally, I just really like the design. And now that I have my own RC plane, I’m proud to say I finally have a hobby I can do when I have some free time.

Honestly, I could’ve have picked a better hobby. I love the feeling of steering a plane around as I sit on a bench or lay out on the grass. It’s a very calming hobby, and I think I’ll be able to enjoy my free time a lot more now that I have this hobby RC plane.

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2 rc flying toyI love it when the weather’s nice. I like going outside to enjoy it whenever I get the chance. The thing is, I really like playing around with my RC plane when it’s a clear and sunny day. Those are the best days for flying. I like flying my RC plane at the park, because there’s a lot of space there to do it. Not to mention, I often get a lot of admirers that like to watch.

I think RC flying toys are a special kind of toy. They really do inspire and amaze. I know people that are pilots now that started playing with RC planes. I also know of a helicopter pilot that had a helicopter RC toy at one point or another. They also help kids dream big. Children that see toys like this flying understand that flight is possible, and you can really fly to new heights when you dream big.

Playing around with RC flying toys keeps imaginations alive. I like making my plane zoom around in the air as I lay on the green lawn in the park. Kids like to stare at it in awe, and even adults find it fun to watch. I think playing around with RC toys is a great hobby and it should be explored by more people.

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mustang toy planeFlying RC toy planes is a great challenge. I have always been interested in the principles of flight and my RC planes help me to discover flight. I love learning to fly RC planes because there is always something new to learn and you can always fly with more ease and have better landings. Landing an RC plane has been the biggest challenge for me, but it has been fun learning how to do it with ease.

You learn a lot from challenges in life. Every challenge has helped me to learn a new skill and to see something from a different perspective. I like taking on hobbies that are challenging because it is very fulfilling to be able to master them. Flying an RC plane has been a challenge, but I continue to get better and better at it each day.

I got into flying RC toy planes from a friend and I have enjoyed it thoroughly ever since. I am so glad that my friend introduced me to flying RC planes. It is a task that isn’t easy at first, but once you get good at it, you can have so much fun with the planes. Mastering RC plane flight is something that has proved to be very fulfilling for me.

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RC airplane toysRC airplane toys are my favorite kinds of RC toys. I love flying them because they are just so much fun. I have always had a love for airplanes and I have always enjoyed flying RC planes. There are all kinds of RC planes out there that you can have lots of fun with. I love flying planes that are made to resemble famous aircraft, especially.

Flying an RC plane can bring back memories of times when those planes were famous. I love reminiscing of days long gone with my favorite plane models. I love looking for designs of my favorite planes. There are so many interesting plane models out there. My RC airplanes balance well in the skies and I enjoy flying them both indoors and outdoors.

Having a good RC plane to fly means having a good time no matter where you find yourself. My RC airplane toys provide me with lots of entertainment at events that would otherwise be boring. I can have lots of fun at outdoor barbeques, outdoor get-togethers, and other events. I never have a dull moment thanks to my RC airplanes that are always there to keep me entertained and having lots of fun.

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stunt planeI love being able to try out new tricks and stunts with cool RC stunt planes. These stunt planes are great for being able to experiment and do all kinds of cool things with them. I have a few stunt planes and I enjoy flying them almost every day. I have always been intrigued by real stunt planes that I have had a chance to see. I always thought there was something so majestic and beautiful about them performing the stunts.

Although I can’t be in a stunt plane myself, the next best thing is to get stunt planes of the remote control kind. These stunt planes are perfect for giving me the thrill that I want without all of the dangers. I love to be able to try out new stunts with my RC planes and to find harder stunts to be able to do.

There are so many amazing things that RC stunt planes can do. They can do inverted flight, loops, and other awesome tricks. I like to impress my friends by having them watch all of the cool things I can do with my stunt planes. I can’t wait to get more of them and to experiment with even more tricks.

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