remote controlled buggy blackI loved remote control cars as a kid and I look back on those fun times even now that I am an adult. There are so many cool cars out there and it’s always interesting to see all of the new versions of the cars that come out. I loved playing with remote control cars with my siblings and we would have fun for hours with them.

I have kids of my own now and they both like playing with these remote control toys. I have a boy and a girl and they both love the cars equally. They get excited to get them out each day and they get creative with the ramps that they build for them and where they like to go with them.

My kids are always wanting more remote control cars and I am happy to get them for my kids on special occasions. I want them to earn the cars and I only get them for my kids when they have been good. The cars are a great motivation for them to try hard in school and try to please us as their parents. I love seeing them play with the cars and all that they can do with them.

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