remote control car neo racerMy little brother loves RC cars. He loves racing them and having them go off of ramps and other obstacles. He and I used to have an RC racecar and we played with the car constantly. We especially liked to build ramps for the car and then watch it go off of the ramps and try to make it land well. We created lots of different obstacles for the car around the house and we enjoyed watching how the car would maneuver through the obstacles.

There are so many fun RC toys out there. There are RC planes and cars as well as trucks and all kinds of other vehicles. My brother loves trying out different kinds of RC models and seeing all of the things he can do with them. He tries to take them on stairs, builds tracks outside for them, and takes them on many different adventures.

I decided to get my brother an RC toys kit for his birthday this year. The RC kit featured a few of his favorite kinds of RC cars. He loved the gift and was eager to start learning to drive the RC toys that were in the kit. It was great to see his eyes light up as he drove the RC cars and he still has so much fun with the kit every day.

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