self-build buggyI love being able to build my own RC cars. I have always been a do-it-yourself kind of person and the thought of being able to build my own RC car was very exciting. I had always been interested in cars and how they are made. It’s fun to see how the different parts come together to create a masterpiece. Being able to build my own RC car almost from scratch was a very fulfilling task and I learned a lot from it.

Being able to build something is just as much fun for me as using that thing is. I was able to build my own RC buggy all by myself and then watch it hug curves and go fast as I took to the tracks with it. There are a lot of mechanical and engineering concepts that go into building an RC car, so it made me feel like I was working on a real car when building it.

I had always wanted to be a mechanic but I don’t want the liability of dealing with someone’s real car, so building my own RC cars is the next best thing. My Condor nitro RC buggy is one that I was able to build myself and I learned so much about RC cars in the process of building it. The buggy turned out great and I now enjoy hours of fun with it every day.

Author: SmallApplianceMaster

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