4 x4 quadcopter rc droneI think I’ve touched upon something truly unique. When I wanted to make movies, I wanted to use new techniques that would grab the audience right away. Basically, I wanted to film a movie that would be remembered, and to do that I needed a drone. I basically wanted to make a movie using a drone to help make scenes more interesting.

The movie I wanted to make was both romantic and packed full of action. To make everything more extreme, I used my x4 quadcopter RC drone to take a lot of footage. It was especially useful during the more action oriented scenes, since it made everything much more involved. I felt like I was in the scene with the actors. After I cut out anything that would indicate the drone was there, it made something really unique and interesting.

While I may not be the only one filming with my drone, I’ve used it to make a full-length film that I’m truly proud of. While not everything was shot with my drone’s camera, probably about a fourth of the movie was. It really helped bring my movie to life, and I’ve brought something noteworthy to move watchers around the globe.

Author: SmallApplianceMaster

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