drone green and redI got my son a WL toys drone recently and the drone got very popular with all of his friends and the kids that live around our neighborhood. They all are very eager to try it and they take turns flying it. Some of them are thinking about getting one for themselves. Drones are a lot of fun to fly and my son has really enjoyed being able to fly his drone.

The drone was given to my son for his birthday, because he had always been really fascinated with RC toys. There are so many great RC toys out there. His first one was a remote control racing car and he really loved racing it around the house with his sister. They both have an RC race car. They even made ramps for the cars and enjoying watching them go off of the ramps.

An RC drone is something that my son had always wanted. The drone is easy to maneuver and has a lot of great features. It can fly both indoors and outdoors and has very stable flight. The kids love being outside almost every day and enjoying this drone. WL toys drones are great for kids and getting them active and outside.

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