RC copterMy brother is an aerospace engineer and he loves his job. He is doing exactly what he wanted to do and I am very proud of him. He studied civil engineering in college and he got hired to work on planes for Boeing after that. He has been working at this company for several years now and he works on the design of plane parts.

My brother has an important job at his company and he is very good at what he does. All of the math that he learned in high school and in college has come in very handy for him. He loves being able to apply what the learned at school in his job every day. His interest in engineering and building things that fly started when he was a little boy.

There was an awesome RC copter that we had growing up and we loved taking turns playing with it. The helicopter was of high quality and not that hard to fly. My brother loved figuring out how to properly land it and make it take off. He was very interested in how it all worked. The helicopter really got my brother interested in engineering and he ended up becoming an engineer of planes.

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