Welcome back to Dave’s RC Toys and More.  Up, Up, and away.  Yep still in the clouds or at least dreaming about it.  Getting a little warmer here but with warmer weather come the spring rains; I’m talking about seaplanes which are made for water but no joy in standing in the rain.   Anyway our first seaplane is the Deluxe Mini Cessna 182UP trainer which comes ready to fly (RTF) Upgrade Edition (well after you charge the battery).                                                The functions of automatic identification, precise code pairing, and strong anti-jamming, allows more than 20 aircraft to fly at the same field at same time.  Of course, I wouldn’t fly in a crowd if a beginner?  The plan also features full aerobatic characteristics; inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, and inverted flight.


Ground Take-Off can be performed easily due to the huge wing size (36”) and provides for excellent flight performance. These features and other make this R/C park flyer great for beginner or middle-level users.  Actually it is about the Best Beginner Scale RTF Plane you can find!!!  It is easy to control, super stable for the beginner. Slow speed flying capable, is another feature making this a great choice for the beginner.  Each charge provides approximately 15 minutes flight time.

Next up is also a Cessna, the CESSNA 185UP 2.4G 6CH RC Airplane (RTF) Upgrade Edition / Both Landing Gear and Float Ready!

This Cessna 185 with super scale design and outstanding stable flying capability is easy to assemble, with amazing aerobatic flights, made for both beginners and advanced pilots.  This model has a 59” wingspan and is approximately 44 ¾” in length.



And last on our blog of seaplanes is yet another Cessna; love these planes with their classy styling. The CESSNA 182ST RC Airplane (RTF) Upgrade Edition / Both Landing Gear and Float Ready

Both Landing Gear and Float Ready! This Cessna 182 is yet another great plane for “pilots in training” with super scale design and outstanding stable flying capability.  As with the other Cessna models this plane has an amazing aerobatic flight capability.  The 59” wingspan and the 47” length make for an impressive flying machine.  You’ll soon have friends and neighbors mingling around for the entertainment.


Until next time – this is Dave wishing you a warm dryish (need some rain for the garden and lawn) spring.

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