8 rc model planeHaving something that ties a family together is the key to keeping everyone close. I think what we do on the weekends really helps us stick together as a family. What we do is bring out our RC toys and get them flying and zooming around the place. We go to the local park and play with them together. It’s actually a really great hobby and activity.

As a family, we each have different RC toys. I have an RC model plane, which looks like a fighter jet. I really like the way it looks, as it looks so real. We also have a couple of RC cars, and we have an RC helicopter that’s kind of like a drone. So when we go out to the park, everyone can play with something at any given time. It makes spending time together totally worth it.

While we all work different jobs and have different schedules, my family comes together through the love of RC toys. I think it’s a magical thing to be able to feel so close, even when we’re far away. My RC model plane helps me stay involved and spend time with my family for the better.

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