rc tank deep blueI got my son a great RC tank recently and he absolutely loves taking it outside and challenging it on rough terrain. The tank is perfect for letting him let his imagination run wild. He loves to play with the tank and discover new paths and courses for it. It’s a powerful machine and the power is what really excites him.

The tank is built to last and can take on pretty much anything that is thrown its way. It can destroy any object in its path and my son loves having it smash through his toy soldiers or his Lego towers. He loves being able to have power with the tank and to pretend he is in the middle of an epic battle.

Taking the RC tank onto dirt courses is probably his favorite thing to do. He builds these courses out in our backyard and then has the tank go on them, seeing how well it can maneuver and challenging it to do harder courses. The tank keeps him busy for a long time as he plays with it outside. His friends often join him in the fun as well. I love that he gets plenty of fresh air with this tank and I love the creations he makes for it too.

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