road runner RC toyI love shopping for RC toys. There are so many RC toys out there that look really cool and are really realistic. Kids love these kinds of toys and I love that they help them stay active. I played with RC toys as a kid and there were always cool, new RC cars that I liked to race with my brother.

My brother and I lived in an apartment with our parents when we were younger. We later moved into a house that my parents bought. We loved to race our RC cars inside the smaller apartment and I remember how fun it was to have them hug the turns and to try not to hit anything since there wasn’t that much space.

I was always active growing up and so was my brother. We did a variety of sports and most of our toys had us out and about also, like our RC toys. Our parents got us our first RC cars for Christmas and we were hooked ever since. We loved playing with the cars outside and we stayed active by playing with the cars. The best RC toys play a role in keeping kids active and I look forward to getting them for my children one day.

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