3 rc toy tankBeing the life of the party is easy when you bring some kind of RC toy with you. I’ve flown RC helicopters, played with RC cars, and shown off drones to get people’s attention. This time, I brought my RC tank along to show off. It’s really great that I brought it along too, because there are a lot of kids here that have super short attention spans and need to behave themselves.

When I play with my RC toy tanks, the kids at the gathering all focus on the toys instead of the atmosphere. They actually sit still and behave well when I show them what my tank is capable of. I can shoot out plastic pellets, have the tank spin around, and have it go over tough obstacles. It also produces a small cloud from the exhaust for a realistic effect.

People that watch my RC toys zoom around are always impressed. I even convinced one of the people at a gathering before to get one for their kid. It just helps promote good behavior, as children are focused on the RC toy instead of being curious and getting into trouble. I guess that’s just the magic of RC toys.

Author: SmallApplianceMaster

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