1 rc controlled tankI’ve always been enamored by tanks, probably because I liked them as a kid. I had lots of cool tank toys that I’d use to defend my tiny toy soldier army. That was just something I really liked to do. I was definitely a G.I. Joe kid, and I loved watching the animated TV show. So now that I’m an adult, I’ve upgraded my toys to remote controlled ones.

My RC controlled tanks are something special. They look just like the real things, which is very impressive considering they’re 1/16th their actual size. They are very convincing models, that’s for sure. I’m sure they could be easily mistaken for real ones if filmed right. And when I play with my RC controlled tanks, they actually have sound effects too. They sound like they’re right out of an action movie or a military movie or something like that.

What’s also cool about my tanks is I can make them generate smoke, too. They have harmless turrets that work as well. I think it’s a really neat idea to take something absolutely huge and transform it into a small toy. My RC tanks really do have all the trimmings, and I’m really glad they do.

Author: SmallApplianceMaster

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