Hi, this is Dave. I’ve been a fan of RC toys for many years and in looking for a way to work from home I thought why not start an on-line RC toy website.   When I first became interested in RC toys the types available were limited mostly to cars and they needed smooth, fairly level driving surfaces.  But boy have they come a long way. Today you can choose from cars, trucks, tanks, boats, planes, helicopters, and the most recent rage drones. Each requires a certain skill set and patience to become proficient; but each provides a sense of exhilaration once you have mastered your RC toy!


I started experimenting with small, moderate cost vehicles in order to become familiar with how they work.  Controls on most can be sensitive and you can be several feet away before you realize your moving.  After becoming proficient with my first model I moved up to a larger, faster, 4-wheel drive truck which began a new learning experience with more sensitive controls – flipped that critter a few times but the new tougher design prevented any damage.

My favorite is the previously mentioned 4-wheel drive truck, my wife (and her sister) love their RC boats and our son has become proficient with his drone.


Drone, that’s a whole different subject.  These are definitely sensitive and I would recommend a mini drone for your learning experience to limit monetary loss in case of a crash; and believe me you will crash, perhaps several times, before you become comfortable with flying the friendly sky mini-drones to commercial drones and many can accommodate cameras, which provide for some awesome aerial snapshots.  But please respect others privacy!


My site is designed to provide a wide variety of RC toys to choose from, including toys for beginners (kids or kids at heart) to experienced operators.  I also focus on quality construction to ensure an enjoyable experience no matter what level the purchase.  My goal is to provide fast, friendly service, free shipping and money back guarantee, within 30 days of purchase, if not completely satisfied.  Inquiries by email will be answered within 24 hours except on holidays.


So put down the remote control, Xbox, PS4 (or other devise that keeps you stationary) and get outdoors for some great family fun, with the kids, neighbors or friends.


Author: David

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