Hello my friends.  I know I’ve been in the air and on water lately but I’m so excited about my new toys.  I had to interrupt this announcement (well not this one, but the planes) to introduce my newest kid toys – big and small – kids that is.  These toys are great for those who believe they were born 100 years, maybe 1,000 years too late.  These are a great way to relive the prehistoric days, safely.

I stumbled across these fellows and they are so much fun. First is the Walking Triceratops Dinosaur.  The triceratops can move forward and backward in a lifelike manner and can open and close its mouth. The glowing head and lifelike sounds created by this triceratops will instill fear in everyone around you, well maybe the younger ones anyway. But I’ve always been a dino nut and these just convinced me – justifiably so, that that’s Okay. This one has no controller so it is simple for little kids to flip a switch and watch him do his thing.


Second I found the Infrared T-Rex.  Isn’t he everyone’s favorite dinosaur? He was the king of his day and can move forward and backward in a lifelike manner as well as open and close its mouth. The glowing eyes and lifelike sounds created by this dinosaur will instill fear in everyone around!  Maybe a slight exaggeration, but one likes to think so.


Last, in my dinosaur findings is the infrared Triceratops.  He can move forward and backward and opens and closes his mouth. The eyes glow and has life-like sounds.  Bonus, value the cats go crazy when these toys go into action.  I think these fellas will be a welcome part of anyone’s toy box (or shelf).    This one as well as T-Rex have simple controllers easy enough for a child to operate.



Last, perhaps not prehistoric but then again, who knows.  This is the cutest little quadcopter.  The Syma X1 Bee Gyro RC Quadcopter Toy.  The stability in flight and simplified professional 3D maneuvers includes flips, rolls, and more.  The latest 3-axis flight control system, with adjustable gyro sensitivity, permits a super stable flight.  Kinda sounds like a bee in flight.  Functions include up, down, turn left, turn right, forward, backward, and 360° turns.


At first I was afraid this was too “kid” oriented but aren’t we all kids after all?  I think I have a Peter Pan complex; unfortunately I did grow up but not out of childhood?  Well, have fun, until my next blog.  Happy RC’ing.



Author: David

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