RC buggyMy brother and I loved to play with RC toys when we were growing up. It was so much fun to be able to race our toys and to have them go off of ramps and do all kinds of other cool things. We loved to get a new one for Christmas or for another special occasion and we liked to play for hours with our RC cars and toys.

The favorite toys that we had of the RC kind were our racing cars. We got these for Christmas and we raced them around the house all the time. We loved to have them go on different kinds of surfaces and to take them outside as well. Our friends all loved to play with our RC cars as well. We would let them drive the cars around the neighborhood.

I want to have some kids of my own someday and I want to get them some quality RC toys as well. There are so many fun and interesting toys out there, including RC helicopters, planes, and even boats and tanks. I want my kids to have just as much fun and quality bonding time as my brother and I had when playing with our RC cars and toys.

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